Auto Tips in Huntsville, AL

Q: What do I do if my Check Engine Light is on?
You can still drive with your check engine light on without damaging your car. However, it's important to bring it in the nearest auto repair shop for a diagnostic check to find out the problem and prevent future issues.
Q: When do I change my oil?
It's important to change your oil on a regular basis, every 3,000 miles for regular oil and every 5.000 miles for synthetic oil.
Q: How do I check my oil?
If your oil is too high or too low, it can affect your engine. To check the oil level, locate and pull out the dipstick. Wipe it clean then push it all the way back in until the top of it is properly positioned in the dip tube. Wait several seconds before you pull the dipstick out. Check the oil level to see if it's "between" the high and low marks which is ideal.
Q: Why is checking tire pressure so important?
Tire pressure affects fuel economy, performance, and most important, safety! Check your tire pressure regularly for best measures.
Q: Why is it important to check your battery terminals?
If you battery terminals aren't clean, it will be more difficult for the electrical current to pass around your vehicle's system.
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